Creative Fabrication, Inc. Company Profile

Established:  1985

Location:  Covington, Va

Employees:  Approx. 35

Objective:  To fabricate metal products for the process industry, equipment manufacturers, and construction contractors.

Mission:  To uphold the highest standards of quality and services.

Founded in 1985, Creative Fabrication Inc. is a family owned & operated company that has been serving the industrial industry as well as local communities for over 30 years. We hold all of our work and designs to the highest standard of quality. Backed by our qualified engineers, designers, machinists, and fabricators, we are certain that you will be overjoyed and pleased with your finished product. Ever since the company was founded, one of the main codes we hold dear is family. Here at Creative Fabrication Inc. we are a family, and by choosing to do business with our company you too will become a part of the family.